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Tablature List

Tablatures are available in three formats:

  • A .gif graphic, a picture which you can print out directly from the screen display

  • A MusEdit file which you can download with Internet Explorer and open using the MusEdit program. You can also download all the MusEdit files in a zip archive by clicking here. You will then have to unzip using WinZip or similar. My experience with the Netscape and Opera browsers is that they may try to open individual MusEdit (.med) files as web pages rather than download them by ftp. If you have this problem you should choose the .zip option. Alternatively in Netscape you can hold down the shift key when clicking on the link to an individual MusEdit file and it should be downloaded satisfactorily. In Opera, right-click and select Save target document as ...

  • Word processed tab (Mandolin Licks page only)

Tab Key .gif MusEdit
Blackberry Blossom (Monroe style) G Yes Yes
Blackberry Blossom F Yes Yes
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues G Yes Yes
Brown's Ferry Blues F Yes Yes
Clinch Mountain Backstep A and Gm Yes Yes
Cluck Old Hen A Yes Yes
Corina, Corina C Yes Yes
Dixie Breakdown A Yes Yes
Down in Little Egypt C Yes Yes
Footprints In The Snow D Yes Yes
Frankie and Johnny/Leaving Home C Yes Yes
Give The Fiddler A Dram G Yes Yes
Hello City Limits B Yes Yes
I'll Fly Away G Yes Yes
I'm Working On A Building E Yes Yes
Just Because A Yes Yes
Liberty D Yes Yes
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Dm/F Yes Yes
Love Please Come Home B Yes Yes
Lowdown Rag C Yes TablEdit
Mandolin licks Various   Word processed No
Milk Cow Blues A Yes Yes
Money Honey A Yes Yes
Mother's Only Sleeping G Yes Yes
Muddy Water Em Yes Yes
Natchez Under The Hill A Yes Yes
Nine Pound Hammer G Yes Yes
Old Devils Dream F Yes Yes
Old Home Place A Yes Yes
Old Mountain Dew A Yes Yes
Pickaway G Yes Yes
Rawhide C Yes Yes
Rickett's Hornpipe D Yes TablEdit
Roustabout A Yes Yes
Roxanna Waltz C/A Yes Yes
Sail Away Ladies G Yes Yes
Sinkin' Creek A Yes Yes
Sitting On Top Of The World G Yes Yes
Snowball D Yes No
Stoney Lonesome A Yes Yes
Think Of What You've Done A Yes Yes
Think Of What You've Done B flat/B/C Yes Yes
Tombstone Junction G Yes Yes
Will You Be Loving Another Man? A Yes Yes
Zip archive of all tab files   No Yes

Andy Townend tablature archive

Andy Townend was the most talented and original mandolin player in England. We were all stunned by the news of his death in July 1998, at the age of 46.

You can read about Andy's life and achievements in the article which originally appeared in British Bluegrass News, In Memory of Andy Townend.

Further web pages in memory of Andy can be seen at UK North West Bluegrass News and at Clive Elliott's Mexborough Mandolins website.

Andy's brother Rick has been compiling tabs of some of Andy's playing, including some original compositions. I'm very pleased to have permission to include these in the Andy Townend tablature archive.

Tab Key .gif MusEdit
Exercise in G G Yes Yes
Floppy-Eared Mule D/A Yes Yes
Fracas On The Frets Dm Yes Yes
Highway 220 A Yes Yes
Sal-Amanda Am Yes Yes
Slinky Am Yes Yes

General notes on tablature

I recommend looking at the .gif tab first. This will give you all you need to play through the notation.

Using the MusEdit tab (supported by PC only) you will be able to play back the tablature through your computer's MIDI system, to hear what the arrangement sounds like. This should be a big help to beginners in particular. If you haven't already got the Musedit program, you can download a free MusEdit Viewer from this site. Just click on the link. And here's a zipped version, which may be preferable for a download using Netscape or Opera. Unfortunately there isn't a Mac version at present.

For more information about installing MusEdit Viewer, click here.

MusEdit Viewer will also enable you to print out the tab in much better quality than the .gif format page provides. However, for printing, the demo version of the full MusEdit program (see below) may be a better option, as it enables you to set page breaks.

You can obtain a free demo version of the full MusEdit program from the Musedit website. With the demo version you can do all sorts of wonderful things, including translating into regular musical notation (I haven't done this here, in order to save space on the screen, but it is a straightforward operation.) However, the demo version will NOT allow you to save your editing. To do this you will have to register your program with MusEdit (current cost $79). Considering all the tools which the program offers, I think this is good value - but check it out for yourself at http://www.musedit.com.

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